Soccer&&Love CHAPTER 3...

In the second half no one scored so we won and we all went back to a different hotel and same room mates but you know different rooms! duh! we all celebrated. but not with Wine. DUH! we are way too young for that but we did have cake and listened to music. There was a knock on the door. Linsday opened it. "Uh, Chloe it's for you..." "Who is it." "Chad." She said weakly. "What?" I ran to the door, she was telling the truth. He instantly hugged me. "uh...Hi" "Hi you did great I watched you play." "you were here?"

"Right after the Game I wanted to see you play even tho you couldn't see me. I missed you."

"But you-we broke up..?"

"yeah I know but I guess you never know what you got til it's gone."

"Chad...Tha's, uh, Sweet but Right now I think we should just be friends..for right now."

"yeah no I woudn't want it n e other way."

"Right" I mumbled.


"Huh?" I did my best to look astonished.

"you said-nevermind."

"okay with that said, do you want to come in?"


Lindsay was there the whole time just in case you know I did something wrong and apparentley I did.

"What the heck?!"


"you don't invite your ex boyfriend in here!"

"Why not?"

"He's gonna want a place to stay!"

"He can get his own Hotel Room."

"you have to tell him that clearly! DON"T SUCK UP!"

"I won't!"I said

"Good." She replied.

I closed the door and came back to the party. The music was good and a bunch of girls were dancing and they all wanted to Dance with Chad but he didn't want to Dance with them. He made his way over to me.

"Do you want to dance?"


"why not?"


"because why?"

"I can't Dance."

"So neither can I, come on lets go!"

i didn't have a choice after that he pulled me onto the "dance floor" and started to dnace. I just moved to the music but i know i was a pretty lame dancer! I stopped dancing and went to get a drink. all the girls had brought a few guy friends that they met at the games. they were all soccer players too. I went to get a drink and apperently a date. three was this really really cute soccer player. he had dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and a very cute smile! we talked about random stuff for a while and then he asked me out.

"um...sure...?" I said.

"great i'll see you after te games."



"I have a few questions..."


"for starters, what's your name?"

"Jake. yours?"

"oh um Chloe. okay um what state do you live in?"



"Milwaukie. u?"

"I live in portland oregon."

"Not too far from me."

"yeah, not too far."

just then Chad walked over.

"Who's this?"

"Oh um this is-"

"Jake, you are?"

"Chad, chloe's-"

"Ex boyfriend." I jumped in.

"Alright, well good to meet you see you around." he looked at me."pleasure meeting you and i'll pick you up at noon."

I smiled. "Bye."

I looked at Chad. He looked at me kinda mad.

"You broke up with me, remeber?"