My Vacay!!!:P To Montana!:P...

ok, I like, just got back from my trip 2 Montana, and I did soooooo much stuff!!!

1. Well first, we took a tour bus/motor home thingy and drove there

2. I was in 10 states total! Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North AND South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.

3. I went 2 the Corn Palace in South Dakota.

4. I saw Mount Rushmore AND Crazy Horse!

5. I stayed in a vary rustic like cabin in Montana

6. I went 2 Yellowstone National Park, and saw Old Faithful!

7. I went 2 the Museum of the Rockies!

Have any of u guys been 2 any of these places b4?

I went 2 these cute little shops 4 suveniers, and I got 1 of those old fashion saloon-girl pictures, and it was super awesome!!:P

C&N please?